Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ork nob with 'uge choppa

Something more recent, this ork looks like he escaped from circus :) But overall is not bad.

If you have any questions about painting or bits used feel free to ask.

Ork meganobz

Enough marines!
I decided to paint something to my army at last. I think that this panty colour fits for my deathskull army:)

Wolf lord on thunderwolf

When maxmini released wolf model I decided to make this guy. I'm quite happy with final effect especially on thunder hammer.

Marneus Calgar

Here comes old papa ;). I was bored with NMM so I decided to paint him in metallics but overall it looks far worse than previous guards.

Honour guard with power axe

Another guard, this time with axe. It was quite fast paintjob, about 4-5 hours

Honour guard champion

Squad of this marines is amazing. In my opinion this guy is best of them. I really enjoy painting him

Bretonian BSB

Here comes a bit of fantasy. Checks on this guy's steed was pain in a neck but I finally made them

White scar

My inspiration to paint this mini was reading white scars fluff on lexicanum. One of my painting dreams is to make someday white scar on chopper.

Ork Pilot

Hi this time, another quite old work. I really wanted to make an ork with his fierce grot;)

Inquisitor lord

Sorry for blured photo but when I took it I was totally green in photographing minis.

Ork with custom force field

Another mini, I love to paint orkish skin.

I like how backpack looks but flamer should have more attention.

High elves hero with axe

Oh right first picture on my blog

I was very happy when I finished him, it was one of my biggest progress. Now I only can say that he is ok, nothing utterly amazing.